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Assessor Report

As an Assessor you can add your report directly into the participant’s online eDofE account from here.

All you need is the participant’s eDofE ID number, their Award level (Bronze, Silver or Gold) and the section you are assessing them for (Volunteering, Physical, Skill, Expedition or Residential). Please ask the young person you have been supporting for these details. The young person must have entered their section details in eDofE before you can submit your report.

Your comments automatically go to the participant’s DofE Leader for approval before being added to the participant’s account. We ask for your email address and phone number to enable their DofE Leader to contact you should they wish to discuss your assessment with you.

Please remember to keep your comments positive and encouraging. Thank you for supporting young people with their activities.

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Assessor Report

If you wish to retain a personal copy of the report you submit, draft it in a separate document first then copy & paste it into this portal.

If you get an automated reply of ‘Sorry…the page you have requested is currently unavailable’. This is because the participant has not activated their eDofE account. Ask the participant to sign into their eDofE account and complete their minimum timescales. Once they have completed this, you can send them the reports.

What to include in your report

  • Please confirm how long the participant has been undertaking the activity and how frequently, while describing their achievements as they undertook this section.  Say how they met their goals, what skills they have developed and mention any memorable things that they accomplished.
  • Please include the start and end dates that the young person undertook their activity.
  • Expedition Assessors: Please include your assessor accreditation number (IF NOT AN EXPEDITION ASSESSOR, YOU DO NOT NEED A NUMBER) and (if applicable) the team’s expedition notification number in your report.
  • Please remember to keep your comments personal, positive and encouraging.
  • Thank you for supporting young people with their DofE activities.
  • Download a sheet showing some example reports here.

  • Download a sheet giving advice to AAPs on writing Assessor's Reports here.



We would like to keep you informed of DofE news and offers including updates about special offers and discounts available exclusively through the DofE. The DofE will not pass your contact details on to anyone else unless you ask us to and you can opt out of our emails at any time. The DofE never sells on personal data to a third party. We also do not share any personal data unless you have specifically said yes for a named partner of our Charity.


When an Assessor enters an email address here to submit an Assessor’s report for a DofE participant it is stored on our secure database servers and only shared with that participant’s Leaders so that they can contact the Assessor if they have any queries. It is not used for any other purpose. We do not share it with the participant nor any third party.  Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

Expedition Guide

Expedition Assessors should be familiar with the contents of the DofE's Expedition Guide.  Assessors without eDofE accounts should contact their Regional/County DofE Office.