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Creating an Achievement Pack

The Achievement Pack is the innovative, colourful way to record your achievements and create a lasting memory of your DofE experience. 

You can create your Achievement Pack when you've completed your DofE programme and you have achieved your Award (confirmed by your Licensed Organisation or DofE Office at Gold).

It is your opportunity for them to collate all your achievements by placing all your photographs, scans of certificates etc. into the Achievement Pack template.  It gives you  the chance to create an individual showcase of just how much you've achieved, whilst using the DofE template makes sure it's an official DofE record. 

Your Achievement Pack is a great tool to show potential future employers as well as having on the coffee table at home to show off to family and friends!

You can download a free PDF version of your Achievement Pack or choose to have one professionally printed:

  • A screwbound version costs just £18
  • The leatherette version costs just £25

See the Achievement Pack here.