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Opportunities to help you

These pages provide a listing of available opportunities for a range of activities in each section that you may want to use to help you complete your DofE.  If you are interested in using one of these, please contact the organisation direct.

Simply click on the button below.  On the Opportunity Finder, tick the boxes on the right to select (or deselect) the option to help you refine your search.  Please ensure the page refreshes after each selection/deselection.



Key to symbols:

AAP buttonOpportunity offered by an Approved Activity Provider

DofE buttonOpportunity offered by a DofE licensed Organisation or DofE Office

Please ensure you read our terms and conditions on the right hand side of this page.

For a wide range of opportunities and contacts in scotland, visit http://www.youngscotwow.org

If you are a Leader/volunteer looking for training courses and other development opportunities please go here:

Do you have an opportunity?

Entries for consideration for publication on these pages should be sent to [email protected] 

Please note for the Expedition section we can only accept opportunities from AAPs, DofE Licensed Organisations and DofE Offices.

Important information

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award does not endorse any camp sites, activity centres, courses or other opportunities contained within these pages. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award cannot and will not be held responsible for any arrangements, financial or otherwise, concerning participation in any opportunities described here.  Participants should check with their Licensed Organisation to ensure that an opportunity they wish to pursue will count for their DofE.  There is no guarantee that participation in activities offered by non-DofE Licensed Organisations will count towards any part of a DofE programme.  The DofE will not take any responsibility for any statements made or from any matter arising from any item printed here, including non-appearance of submitted copy.  Whilst every care is taken to ensure that each entry is accurate, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award does not take any responsibility for the omission or errors regarding any entry.  It is the responsibility of the user to ascertain that, where necessary, a provider has an appropriate licence under the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations. The supervision of expeditions is the responsibility of Licensed Organisations.

Approved Activity Providers

Organisations which the DofE does endorse and promote as providing programmes which do fulfil all our sectional conditions are called Approved Activity Providers (AAPs).  Look for the AAP symbol next to an opportunity to show it's been provided by an AAP.  See our list of current AAPs here.