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 British Exploring is a personal development charity that organises challenging scientific expeditions to remote, wild environments to develop the confidence, teamwork, leadership and the spirit of adventure and exploration of its Explorers.
The British Exploring Society was founded in 1932 by George Murray Levick; a member of Captain Scott’s final Antarctic Expedition of 1910-13.
Each year young people aged 16-25, from different countries, schools, universities and many other walks of life, join together to take part in valuable adventure and environmental research projects in challenging areas of the world.

Jungle, Mountain, Arctic, Desert… there’s no corner of this earth British Exploring won’t explore; you will get to places you could never reach on your own.

The Indian Himalayas
With altitudes reaching over 7500m, Ladakh is a landscape of extremes, nestled between the world’s mightiest mountain ranges.
The unique climate supports some rare wildlife including snow leopards, chiru, yaks and migratory Himalayan bird species. As you ascend higher, you will leave behind the bustle of local markets and monasteries and experience a sense of isolation and remote silence which has remained almost unbroken since the days when adventurous traders travelled through these parts on the ancient silk routes.
In the mountains explorers will be undertaking scientific research with experts in the field including geology, meteorology, astronomy and glaciology.
The Peruvian Amazon
A unique opportunity to experience first-hand the mind blowing biodiversity, hidden valleys, jungle mountains and cloud forest of the Amazon.
This expedition will take you deep into the Peruvian jungle, into the Amazon basin to trek and study the rich biodiversity of the cloud forest environment.
By day you will cut your way through the untouched jungle and by night you will camp to the sounds of it wildlife. Working in partnership with the international NGO, the Crees Foundation, you will be actively involved in expanding their study and understanding of this amazing area.
Observe wild monkeys, birds, snakes, butterflies and a huge array of reptiles, including some species of frog new to science; you may even get to see signs of the elusive jaguar. Working in partnership with international NGO, the Crees Foundation, you will be actively involved in expanding their study and understanding of this amazing area.
British Exploring and DofE
British Exploring Society is an Approved Activity Provider (AAP) for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. This means British Exploring is licensed to facilitate the Residential section of the Gold Award.
British Exploring is a Registered Charity No. 802196
Contact 020 7591 3141 | [email protected]  www.britishexploring.org