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Celebrating achievements

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Celebrating achievements

When young people complete their DofE programme and achieve their Award  shout about it!

Encourage them to tell the world on their social network pages; send out a press release to the local media (newspapers and radio/TV) - especially if they did something really unusual.

Be sure to include it in your school/club newsletter so it serves as a hint to other participants to complete their programmes and as a promotional tool to encourage other to join in the fun of the DofE.  Remember to tell the decision-makers in your school or organisation of your success, as this will help ensure their future support for your DofE activities.


Certificates, badges and Award presentations

Bronze and Silver Award holders receive a certificate and a badge. Gold Award holders receive a certificate and can choose either a badge or a brooch. 


Your Licensed Organisation (LO) is in charge of deciding how to present Bronze and Silver Awards and many will organise local presentations. If you would also like to arrange one just for your group and/or centre that’s absolutely fine, but let your LO know about your arrangements first. Remember, you must wait until the Awards have been authorised and granted by your LO before organising the presentation.

Gold Award holders are invited to a national presentation at one of the Royal Palaces in the presence of either HRH The Duke of Edinburgh or HRH The Earl of Wessex. These are held throughout the year in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The date of their Gold Presentation may be some time after the participant’s Award is confirmed but they’ll receive an invitation as soon as possible.

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