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Welcome to our Expedition Network!

On this page you should find all the information you require to plan and undertake your expedition. If, however, you need additional advice or assistance then please feel free to contact the Central Assessor Network. 

The Central Assessor Network – Peak District area includes both normal country (suitable for bronze and silver expeditions) and wild country (suitable for Gold expeditions). You can download the map of the wild country area from this page to assist with your planning, along with specific access guidance notes for the area and a suggested campsite list.

When you are expeditioning in normal country then you should be submitting a Red Form to the Central Assessor Network. The Red Form is available here

Expeditions taking place in wild country, or where you require the services of a Network Assessor, must be notified by Green Form. The Green Form is available here.

If your visit to the Peak District is only for training purposes and you will be undertaking a practice expedition at a later date, then we do not require you to submit either a Green Form or a Red Form, but we would be grateful for an email to let us know of your intended visit. You will still need to meet all of your Licenced Organisation requirements.

As one of the larger Expedition Areas we receive over 1200 notifications a year for expeditions in wild country, an additional 3000 notifications for expeditions in normal country and meet about 150 requests for assessment. With limited resources we are busy and struggle to cope with incomplete or late notifications. Missing information and lateness will jeopardise your chances of an Expedition Notification Number and / or an assessor, if requested.

The Central Assessor Network – Peak District will assess teams at Bronze, Silver and Gold level, with priority given to Gold teams. We advise you to liase closely with your Licenced Organisation about alternative arrangements should we not be able to meet your request.

Where a network assessor is requested, the DofE has introduced a charging system to cover expenses incurred by the assessors. The current charges for assessment are on www.DofE.org/expeditionareas

Vouchers for network assessors need to be bought from the DofE Essentials shop, available through eDofE. Please follow the instructions to purchase a voucher for each team. The voucher code should be entered in the appropriate space on the Green Form.


July 2017

A gentle reminder for leaders that start and end points of expeditions should be in public car parks – with parking tickets purchased when necessary.  If you are planning to start in café’s, pubs or other private car parks please ensure that you have the owners permission first.  Please ensure that your groups cause minimal disruption, especially when you have large numbers congregating in quiet villages.


June 2017

One Ash Grange Farm near Monyash SK 169 652 has reported that they have been experiencing several issues with groups that are not keeping strictly to the public rights of way through their farm.  Please ensure that if you have teams journeying in this area that they carefully check the rights of way and stick to them.  Teams should not disturb any livestock and keep noise to a minimum, especially at sensitive times such as during the lambing period.  It is a popular area used by many groups that visit Lathkill Dale and stay at the nearby camp sites.


September 2016

HEATHY ROODS SJ 082 573 As part of their slowing down strategy Heathy Roods campsite will not be taking booking from DofE groups next year.

Highfield Farm - At present Highfield Farm at Upper Booth, is not taking any campers due to illness. An alternative camp site is the Upper Booth camp site, a short distance up the road, which is still open and taking bookings.


REMINDER TO ALL DofE ASSESSORS & SUPERVISORS – Please remember that the reputation of the DofE is the responsibility of all those involved with the DofE. Should you see any practice that you feel could bring the DofE into disrepute then please take note of the details (date, time and group details) and pass them onto either the DofE Regional Office, the Network Co-ordinator or your Licenced Organisation Manager. Please do not interfere with the running of another groups programme, for example re-routing a group, unless the group is in immediate danger as this can directly impact on another group’s supervision plan.