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Below is a list of questions that are commonly asked. Hover over each question to see the answer.

If you feel this has not answered your query, please do get in contact with the AAP Team directly.


How much does an AAP licence cost?
Please contact the AAP team, fees are variable based on the organisation type and turnover.
How do I apply to become an AAP?
Please fill out the form here. A member of the AAP Team will contact you within 7 days of receiving this.
Do AAPs have access to eDofE?

At the current time, AAPs do not have access to eDofE. It is the responsibility of individual participants to update their own eDofE record.

We are happy to set up a test account for you however, so you can get a feel for the system. This will also allow you access to eDofE Mapping.

Do I need an AAP licence?

If you are delivering any aspect of the Expedition section, an AAP licence will be required.


For the Residential and Volunteering sections, however, an AAP licence is not compulsory. If a licence is not held, it is asked that advertising does not state the activities will count towards a Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Can I use the DofE Logo as an AAP?

As an AAP, you are permitted to use the Approved Activity Provider kite mark (below), as outlined in the brand guidelines.



You must not use any other form of the DofE logo or images of badges. For example;



If in doubt please contact the AAP Team.

Can an AAP deliver the whole Duke of Edinburgh's Award?
An AAP cannot deliver entire DofE programmes, only the individual sections which they are licenced to deliver.
I am based outside of the UK, can I become an AAP?
Unfortunately we can only licence organisations who are UK based. Please contact the International Award to discuss becoming an International Trained Activity Provider.



The AAP Team


Esther Finch


 South of England, Central England and Wales

Tel: 01753 727476

E-Mail: [email protected]

Alex Clegg


North of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and London

Tel: 01753 727482

E-Mail: [email protected]