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Accreditation Scheme

The DofE’s Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme (EAAS) is the national training route to becoming an accredited Expedition Assessor. Complete the EAAS if you wish to assess DofE expeditions.


The Benefits of being an Accredited Expedition Assessor.  You will:

  • have a clear understanding of your role and responsibilities as an Expedition Assessor.
  • increase your knowledge of the Expedition section.
  • have the opportunity to network with other Expedition Assessors.
  • achieve a nationally recognised DofE accreditation and Expedition Assessor’s ID card.
  • receive a DofE Reward Card, which gives you a 20% discount off all full price items at Cotswold Outdoors (in store and online).
  • have been trained to assess in a variety of situations and locations across the UK.


Becoming an Accredited Expedition Assessor

The scheme trains and accredits people who want to assess Bronze, Silver and Gold expeditions in the UK.

See an outline diagram of the route to becoming a DofE Accredited Expedition Assessor:

See the attached flyer for a full description of the EAAS. There are a number of steps towards achieving accreditation:


1: Application

After gaining the approval of a Licensed Organisation/Assessor Network/Approved Activity Provider, apply to attend an EAAS course (see the Opportunity Finder). The Course Administrator will provide the EAAS/3 Training Course Application Form. Complete the DofE’s online e-induction training module and obtain the letter of completion.


2: Pre-course Learning

Complete the EAAS pre-course e-learning training module, covering the role of the Expedition Assessor.

Gold and Bronze/Silver Wild County Pre-course learning:
Those wishing to assess Gold expeditions, or Bronze/Silver expeditions in wild country, will also need to complete the Gold Expedition Assessor e-learning module. All online modules are available at www.DofEtraining.org

Read the learning outcomes for both e-learning modules here.


3. Expedition Assessors Training Course

Complete a one day course covering all the parts of the role and responsibilities of Expedition Assessors. Read the course Learning Outcomes.


4. Supported assessment

After completing the EAAS course, Trainee Assessors undertake a Supported Assessment, with the guidance of an experienced ‘Supporting Assessor’. Supported Assessments are undertaken during an assessed DofE expedition and provide practical experience in the field for Trainee Assessors. This must be completed within two years of attending the Assessors course.


5: Accreditation

Once the Supported Assessment has been completed successfully, the Assessor will be approved for accreditation.

Upon accreditation, Assessors will be given an ID card, certificate and ID card holder. The current fee for accreditation and reaccreditation is £5.20 (check with your Regional/Country office, as some may charge a different amount).


6: Reaccreditation

All Expedition Assessors need to be reaccredited every five years. This can be done by completing the following form:


Moving Between LO/AN/AAPs

Assessors who move their assessment registration from one LO/AN/AAP to another (e.g. when moving to a different part of the country), or who wish to assess for multiple LO/AN/AAPs must complete the following form:


EAAS Resources


Course information

If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact your DofE Regional/Country office. Use the Opportunities Finder to find an EAAS course.