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Leader training opportunities

There's a load of training opportunities out there. Listed in our Opportunities Finder are some that we've found that may be suitable for those involved with the DofE.


Work for the DofE

So, you're an experienced DofE Leader, or have always wanted to put your enthusiasm and skills to good use professionally... why not work for us or our partners?

Go here for our DofE job opportunities.


IMPORTANT: The Duke of Edinburgh's Award does not endorse any camp sites, activity centres, courses or other opportunities contained within these pages. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award cannot and will not be held responsible for any arrangements, financial or otherwise, concerning participation in any opportunities described here. The DofE will not take any responsibility for any statements made or from any matter arising from any item printed here, including non-appearance of submitted copy. Whilst every care is taken to ensure that each entry is accurate, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award does not take any responsibility for the omission or errors regarding any entry. It is the responsibility of the user to ascertain that, where necessary, a provider has an appropriate licence under the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations. The supervision of expeditions is the responsibility of Licensed Organisations. Organisations which the DofE does endorse and promote as providing programmes which do fulfil all our sectional conditions are called ‘Approved Activity Providers’ or ‘AAPs’. Follow this link to a list of current AAPs.