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eDofE Mapping is here!

eDofE Mapping

eDofE Mapping is a free, optional expedition route mapping tool designed to create DofE route cards and route summaries. It can be used by participants and Leaders through eDofE. eDofE mapping is simple but it can do a lot.

Digitally mapping your route is quick and easy: set your waypoints and checkpoints, then add descriptions and escape routes to generate your route card and a route summary.  

Once complete you can

  • print your route card and a summary route map;
  • email the route plans within eDofE to volunteers, Leaders and Co-ordinators;
  • save the route card or map to your computer as a picture (jpg) to email or use it as evidence in eDofE and Achievement Packs;
  • download them as GPX mapping files onto your computer to email outside of eDofE to Assessors or use with other mapping products or GPS mobile devices;
  • If you use other software you can upload GPX mapping files or saved eDofE mapping routes from your computer.

Participants will find the new tool on the practice and qualifying expedition pages within the Expedition section of eDofE.
Leaders can access the new tool from the Resources Zone on their eDofE account.  Leaders will have the option to input the expedition route and route plan on behalf of the young people.  They will also be able to view the young people’s routes and email them across to the Assessor. 
eDofE Mapping has been built by Satmap and requires Microsoft Silverlight to run.  This is a small piece of free software designed to run images and can be downloaded from: http://www.microsoft.com/silverlight/ .  Download Microsoft Silverlight now so that you can start to use eDofE mapping today, please remember to ask your IT Department to download it in advance if necessary.

This is an optional tool, it is up to you how you use it and it is not intended to replace group route planning or having full maps with them on expedition.