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January 2017
DofE Info

The newsletter for parents, guardians and carers
of DofE participants


picHello {~First_Name~},

Happy New Year, and a big welcome to our newsletter for parents, guardians and carers of young people doing their DofE.

Many participants need support from their parents and carers in helping them complete their DofE programme. Your child's DofE Leader is always your first port of call if you have any questions related to their progress or activities, choice of Assessor etc.

This newsletter, the Participant's Handbook and Welcome Pack, plus eDofE and our website, are all packed with information and advice if you need it.


Keeping costs down

Our website, DofEShopping.org, is packed with opportunities to help keep the costs down. This month, we’ve teamed up with SuperBreak, the short break specialists, to offer you the chance to win £200 worth of SuperBreak vouchers.

Choose your hotel, find flights, trains, theatre, concert and attraction tickets. Closing date: 23 January.

DofE FEES: The participant's Welcome Pack, the cost of which includes the DofE participation fee, is currently £19 for the Bronze Award, £19 for Silver and £26 for Gold.

There may be additional costs for activities, so Licensed Organisations that run the DofE, such as schools, may add a fee to cover their costs.

If you'd like to receive a fortnightly email with offers and discounts from DofE partners please go here.

Finding opportunities

Part of the challenge of a DofE programme for young people is deciding what to do... and where to do it.

  • Their Leader may have some local contacts that previous participants have used.
  • Try the school or local library.
  • Local volunteer centres can provide contacts.
  • Local Facebook groups may provide inspiration and local contacts for activities.
  • Ask parents of other participants to see if they have any good contacts.

The DofE Opportunity Finder is a great resource, especially for finding expeditions and, for Gold participants, residentials.

Mobile eDofE for participants

DofE participants need to use eDofE, our online record keeping system, to keep track of their progress through their programme and request sign-off for each section.

They can access eDofE.org on desktops and can use a slimmed down version on their smartphones at https://m.edofe.org. Here, they can upload evidence, such as photographs, on the go which will help to keep their motivation throughout the duration of their DofE programme. It is not an app, but can be saved to their home screen for easy access. To keep their eDofE account active, they need to sign in at least once every three months or so.

Claim your pin...

Thank you to everyone who stepped out of their comfort zone and took on the DofE Diamond Challenge.

Your amazing support and dedication has seen over £1 million raised, helping us to enable even more young people to start their DofE journey. You are all sparkling inspirations!

Registrations have now closed, but you can continue with any pre-registered challenges and can claim your pin and certificate for completed challenges until 31 March 2017.

Claim your pin here...



Hannah Cockroft MBE

The DofE gave five times Paralympic Gold medallist Hannah Cockcroft her gateway to freedom and confidence.

"At 15 years old, I had never been away from home on my own and I had never travelled or explored the world, so when my senior school offered the chance to sign up, I decided I liked the idea of challenge and opportunity. My DofE taught me to communicate better with people. It taught me how to work with a group of people who I didn’t know very well but who also didn’t know very much about me or of my abilities.

"My DofE encouraged me to recognise my true potential. It pushed me to reach beyond my own capabilities. It let me seek new adventures, explore unbeaten paths and taught me to dare to dream.”


Getting kitted out

We know that a DofE expedition could mean you having to acquire clothing and equipment that you may not already have.

Ask friends, family and DofE Leaders to see if you can borrow anything (most DofE groups provide group camping gear).

The DofE provides advice and access to discounts to help keep the cost of expeditions down...

  • DofE Expedition Kit Guide - aimed at helping people find the right kit for expeditions. Each kit item category includes key information, tips from the experts and money saving ideas.
  • DofE Expedition Kit List - your checklist when preparing the kit needed for DofE expeditions. All DofE Recommended Kit is tried and tested, so you know it’s fit for expeditions.


Useful resources

Here are a few resources that your son or daughter may find useful while undertaking their DofE programme...

More resources are available through the Resource area in eDofE.



Looking to the future

If your child is starting to think about careers, further/higher education or apprenticeships, remind them to include their DofE activities in their applications.

The DofE LifeZone can help them make the most of their DofE. They can access the LifeZone via eDofE - get them to check out the 'Showcase your DofE' area for inspiration. These pages will help them to showcase the skills they pick up whilst doing their DofE, write a memorable cover letter, fill out a great application form and perfect their CV or personal statement.

Also, our Skills for Work site showcases over 100 leading employers who have endorsed the DofE as equipping young people with work-ready skills and value the achievement of a DofE Award when recruiting.


Thanks for reading, and for supporting your son/daughter through their DofE adventure - we all hope you have a great 2017!
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